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Prepping your house to sell

As we head into spring, we continue to see a very brisk market—especially for well-priced, market ready homes.

We all get used to the little quirks of our homes that we experience every day—from a familiar drip in the laundry room sink to the scuffs on the wall. It's normal for a lived-in home to accumulate minor imperfections. And it's normal for you not to notice them. But a potential buyer will, so it's essential that you walk through your entire home with your agent and look at it with fresh eyes.

Some of the things my fellow agents and I are continually encouraging sellers to do before listing include the following:

Touching up paint—inside and out

A fresh coat of paint in a well-chosen neutral color can make your home feel cleaner, brighter, and more appealing to potential buyers. If you can only afford to repaint part of the house, focus on high-impact areas like the entryway, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Also, remember to look up at your ceilings. You may have fixed a leak long ago but never taken the time to repaint the water stain. Now is the moment!

When it comes to the exterior of your home, repainting or replacing your siding is a larger investment. Still, if your exterior has seen better days, it may be worth addressing before listing. Even if you don’t invest in a full exterior paint job, repaint the front door. It’s the first thing buyers see and can make a big difference.

Tackling wood rot

Wood rot can often be found in damp areas of a home—like kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and attics—or around entryways and windows. A professional can assess whether it is possible to treat impacted areas or if replacing the wood is a more appropriate solution.

Fixing leaks

Buyers are wary of water damage, so it is crucial to identify and fix any leaks before you list. Check around your faucets, shower fixtures, and toilets, as well as in your basement—then hire a plumber to take care of anything you find.

Refreshing your landscaping

Sprucing up your outdoor spaces can make a great first impression on potential buyers. Things like trimming back plantings, touching up mulch beds, planting colorful annuals, and replacing bulbs in outdoor light fixtures are all low-cost projects that can make a notable difference.

I also remind sellers to book things like window washing, power washing, and chimney maintenance in advance. The schedules of these service providers often fill quickly, and you want to ensure your home is clean and photo-ready before you put your house on the market. On that note, professional photography can significantly affect how buyers react to your listing. Our team is experienced in getting your home “Rutledge Ready” for photography and showings.

If you are aiming to get your house is truly market ready, I’d love to help you make it happen.

Contact me today to schedule a meeting.


March’s Top Three: How can you tell if a new town will fit your family well?

Especially when you have children, moving towns can feel daunting. Yet it is something that more and more families are considering due to limited home inventory. Before you add a town to your list, it’s important to explore whether it fits your family’s needs. Here are three ways to make that determination.

  1. Try connecting with parents via online forums and parent groups to get more information about the schools, programming, and family resources. Doing so will offer insights beyond school rankings and internet searches.

  2. Visit the local library and check out the community bulletin boards. Viewing the types of fliers posted can be a great way to get a sense of the values held by a community.

  3. Pack up the family and spend a Saturday exploring the town. Have breakfast at a local café, check out the shops, and visit a playground or park. Ask yourself how it would feel if these were your go-to spots.


Want to make a name for yourself in real estate? Boutique means better.

As a boutique agency, Rutledge Properties offers all agents thoughtful mentorship, high-touch marketing support, access to exclusive listings, and plenty of opportunities to shine.

We want every one of our agents to make a name for themselves and to feel confident that we’re on their team, not interested in playing games.

If you’re ready to experience the genuinely supportive culture we’ve created and thrive as a part of the Rutledge team, we’d love to speak with you.

Contact Rutledge to arrange a visit.


We don't just help you buy or sell a house; we welcome you home!

Rutledge Properties is an independent, women-owned local real estate brokerage. We’ve been helping clients in the Metrowest area buy and sell their homes since 1978.

Because we are not part of a big, impersonal chain, we get to do things our way—and our way is all about you. Our clients are our neighbors, and we are committed to putting their needs first every time. We leverage our insider knowledge about the community, industry-leading technology, dynamic strategies, and our worldwide network to provide a level of service that keeps Rutledge clients keep coming back to us, move after move.

Contact me today to get a free market analysis or discuss your homebuying goals!

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