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Be Prepared for These Hidden Moving Costs


on’t be caught off guard by the hidden costs of moving. Last month we broke down typical closing costs for buyers and sellers. This month, I want to talk about another expense that sometimes surprises people: moving costs. Once your home sale and purchase are final, there’s one more mountain to climb before you can rest easy in your new bedroom. Here are some of the common costs to anticipate: Decluttering and Organizing A move is an excellent opportunity to weed out and donate unnecessary items. Hiring a professional can make this process much more efficient and effective. Many home organization professionals will even take away donations and trash for you! Some even offer packages in which they declutter the home you’re leaving and then set up organization systems in your new home. Hiring a Professional Cleaner When you move out, we always suggest leaving your home in the condition you’d want to find if you were moving in. While you aren’t required to hire professional cleaners, we typically recommend it. You will also likely want to hire cleaners to do a deep cleaning of your new home before you arrive to ensure it is ready for you and your family. This type of service costs around $350–$750 in our area. Arranging Temporary Storage & Housing We will do everything we can to make sure your move dates line up neatly to minimize the need for longer term storage. However, if the universe has other plans, we’ll help you find the best storage solution! Just in case, budget for a storage pod or locker to keep furniture and other belongings secure until they can be moved into your new home. Painting, Fixing the Floors, and More There are a few home updates that are a million times easier to accomplish before moving in. Painting is definitely one of them! A fresh coat of paint can help create a blank canvas for the new memories you’ll make in the space. Another item many clients choose to take care of before move-in day is refinishing or replacing flooring. If you plan to do any of these projects before getting settled, you’ll need to factor in those costs. Hiring Movers You Trust Hiring a reputable, reliable moving company to pack and safely transport your belongings can range from $10,000–$30,000, depending on the size of your home. We can help you find a licensed and insured company for local or out-of-state moves! Boarding Pets and Replacing the Ketchup Minor expenses can add up quickly during a move. If you have pets, you may consider boarding them for a day or two during the chaos. You'll also likely be replacing grocery staples and eating out more, so expect higher food costs for the first month or so. Beyond that, account for things like installing home security, replacing locks, and tidying the landscaping at your new home. In addition to the monetary costs of moving, remember that there are also time costs to consider. These include planning the move, discontinuing utilities, updating addresses on your accounts, registering kids for a new school, and more. Thankfully, at Rutledge, we don't just help you find a house—we welcome you home. I love helping my clients settle into their new community and am always happy to serve as a resource to make the process easier. Getting ready to buy or sell this year? Let's talk.

Rutledge Has the Resources You Need It can be daunting to think about all of the professionals you need to prepare your home and move. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered! One of the benefits of Rutledge’s longtime involvement in the community is our network. We have all of the resources you need—from painters to movers to contractors and more—and we can help you make a plan that minimizes stress and sets you up for success. What do you want to learn about? One of the many things I love about being a part of Rutledge Properties is the continued focus on learning. My fellow Rutledge agents and I regularly participate in professional development workshops and seminars to stay current on the best ways to support our buyers and sellers. I'm always excited to use these emails to pass that knowledge along to you. Please take a moment to let me know what topics you are most excited to learn about in future emails. We don't just help you buy or sell a house; we welcome you home! Rutledge Properties is an independent, women-owned local real estate brokerage. We’ve been helping clients in the Metrowest area buy and sell their homes since 1978. Because we are not part of a big, impersonal chain, we get to do things our way—and our way is all about you. Our clients are our neighbors, and we are committed to putting their needs first every time. We leverage our insider knowledge about the community, industry-leading technology, dynamic strategies, and our worldwide network to provide a level of service that keeps Rutledge clients keep coming back to us, move after move. Contact me today to get a free market analysis or discuss your homebuying goals!

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