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Strategic home updates if you plan to sell

If you plan to sell your home within a few years, it pays to be strategic about any home updates.

Homes that have been updated are always in higher demand. But which renovations will pay off if you plan to sell within the next few years?

Here are some that Rutledge agents see generating interest from buyers.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

You don’t need to update the entire kitchen or demo a bathroom to make an impact on buyers! Often, minor kitchen remodels can change the whole way people see your space. Consider refacing cabinets, upgrading your appliances, or replacing your countertops. In the bathroom, begin with easy and low-cost improvements like replacing showerheads, toilets, sinks, and vanities. Of course, if you plan to stay in your home longer, a more significant remodel for your kitchen or bathrooms might be worthwhile.

Home Offices

With more people than ever before working remotely, home offices have taken on new importance. Transforming extra spaces in your existing structure or building a home office addition can pique buyer interest. In fact, a 2021 Houzz Emerging Trends Report showed searches for home offices were up 108%.

Other Low-Cost Upgrades

Sometimes small things make a big difference in how people see your home. Lighting is one of my favorites. Things like pendant lights over a kitchen island, a new chandelier, overhead lighting, or even the right lamps can make the home feel bright and light. And let's not forget paint. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders, especially if you remember to touch up the trim and ceiling paint! The best part is that you can choose to hire out painting for a relatively low cost or do it yourself.

Remember, if you are doing any major renovation project, keep a file of your expenses. You'll need to pay capital gains taxes when you sell (or during the next tax season if you haven't sold yet), and keeping that paperwork organized will save you headaches. At this time, you can write off $250,000 per person and $500,000 per married couple, but beyond that, be prepared to pay taxes on your upgrades!

Do you need help determining which renovations make sense for your home as you prepare to list? I can offer input on this and other things to do to get your home market-ready. In addition, I’ve got a rolodex full of painters, handymen, electricians and plumbers to help tackle some of these projects.

We don't just help you buy or sell a house; we welcome you home!

Rutledge Properties is an independent, women-owned local real estate brokerage. We’ve been helping clients in the Metrowest area buy and sell their homes since 1978.

Because we are not part of a big, impersonal chain, we get to do things our way—and our way is all about you. Our clients are our neighbors, and we are committed to putting their needs first every time. We leverage our insider knowledge about the community, industry-leading technology, dynamic strategies, and our worldwide network to provide a level of service that keeps Rutledge clients keep coming back to us, move after move.

Contact me today to get a free market analysis or discuss your homebuying goals!

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