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September 2021 Newsletter

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

We've been hearing it for over a year—it's a red hot seller's market. Houses are going fast for over asking. Bidding wars are the norm.

But is it all still true?

As we head into fall, everyone is curious to see if this crazy market will continue. Economists and industry leaders have seen signs that things are beginning to settle a bit. Even still, they believe building back inventory will take some time.

Although the stories say to expect multiple offers, the truth is that the homes that sell quickly and get the best price are the ones that are prepared the best. By that I mean, the sellers and their agents make a pre-listing plan that helps buyers fall in love at first sight. Here are my top five suggestions for preparing your home for listing:


Fresh paint does wonders and is a relatively inexpensive way to improve the overall impression of your home. I suggest a neutral fresh coat of paint on the walls to make the space appear brighter, cleaner, and calmer. Painting your cabinets can sometimes be a smart update to the kitchen, depending on the overall look you are trying to achieve.


Bright homes sell better. I suggest maximizing natural light by avoiding heavy window treatments and keeping the curtains open whenever possible. It is also essential to check the artificial lights throughout your home. Change out bulbs, lamps, and fixtures as needed. As we approach fall and shorter days, outdoor lighting matters, too – be sure those garage and porch lights are functional, clean, and turned on!

Bathroom & Kitchen Counters

Beautiful countertops are something that buyers notice. I usually suggest neutral, stone countertops as the most universally appealing. New countertops can make your kitchen and bathrooms feel more modern, clean, and high-end.


Particularly as we transition seasons, landscaping is a great way to ensure your home looks neat and inviting. Trim overgrown hedges and trees, get updated planters or hangers of fall blooms, keep the lawn manicured, and rake those leaves. In addition to the landscaping checklist, simple things like resealing or power washing the driveway can make a big difference.


After a deep and thorough cleaning, staging your home is crucial. Staging includes things like decluttering, temporarily removing select personal items, and rearranging rooms for optimal flow. By opening up more space, you can highlight the beauty of your home and help buyers picture themselves living there.

Considering putting a home on the market or buying a home this fall? Schedule a call for a free market analysis, and let's make a plan.

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